How to Create a Free Website/Blog to Earn Money

We are writing this to follow up reader of article “how to make money online“, how to build a website for earning money by placing advertisement, affiliating products & providing services to users/visitors. Build a website is much easier than anyone can think, by using website builder tool. Many website gives facility to create a […]

Google Mail

How To Create a Google Account for All Google Products

How to create a Google Account for all Google Products(Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Drive, Docs, Maps, Calender, blogger etc.) What is a Google Account? A Google Account is one account from Google to access all the Google products. In a Google Account one username and one password is for all the services provided by Google like […]


How to Make Money Online from Affiliate Advertising Program

Affiliate programs is a form of online advertising where advertisers pay to publishers such as blogger for promoting their products on blog/website. Advertiser pay commission for each purchase by visitor of blog/website of their product. Every publisher called as affiliate and they get paid for every purchase/action by visitor after clicking affiliate link from website. […]


How to Make Money Online from Blogging

To make money from blog advertising is easy to try, but very few bloggers think that blog ads reduce professionalism of blogging. Almost every blogger try to make money from their blogs by blog advertising at any point during the their lives as bloggers. Without great content & better traffic to blog is not good […]


How to Make Money Online from Home, Just Spending 4 Hour Daily

Making money online from home is not a rocket science, anyone with better internet & English knowledge can start eating some money from online. Even a college going student or professional employee can try this at home for earning few more money without investing money as a part time jobs. The processes which is going […]


Load Website Faster Using MaxCDN Content Delivery Network

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)? We know CDN very well as Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network, which is a distribution system of servers around the world. In content delivery network many servers which are located in different city are connected in a network. Mostly CDN serve content to end-user for better performance […]

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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Latest Working Hotkeys PDF Download

List Of Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Download List Of Gmail keyboard shortcuts PDF download – is a collection of keyboard shortcuts or hot keys that can be used in Google Mail. These gmail shortcuts will help to use gmail easily and effectively and save the working time. Before using the keyboard shortcuts you need to […]

Google Mail

How to enable/disable the use of keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

How to enable/disable the use of shortcuts in Gmail How to enable/disable the use of shortcuts in Gmail – will show you how to use the keyboard shortcuts in gmail. You can use the gmail shortcuts or the combination of keys by pressing on the keyboard. But before using the available gmail keyboard shortcuts, you […]


Share how you are feelings or what you are doing with an icon in facebook status update

How to share what you are doing or how you are feeling with an icon on the facebook Status update Share how you are feling or what you are doing with an icon on facebook status update – will show you how to update your Facebook status with an icon to share your feeling or […]

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Change Gmail Background Theme With Customize Background Picture

How to change gmail background with a custom photo The article “Change Gmail Background Theme With Customize Background Picture” will show you how to add a personal photo as a background image in gmail. It will change the gmail theme with a personal background image. Add of personal background photo in gmail is a small […]

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How to change theme in Gmail – Customize Google Mail Account with Custom Themes

How to change theme in Gmail How to modify theme in Gmail- will show you how can you use the custom themes in Gmail or modify the themes in Google mail Account. People wish to modify the look of Gmail appearance according to the mentality and the mood. So Gmail has a feature to customize […]

Google Mail

How to enable the new tabbed design on Gmail Inbox

How to Enable the new tabbed design on Gmail Inbox – will show you how to activate the tabbed features of Inbox in Gmail. This is the new features in Gmail after the hangout replaced by the classic chat in Gmail. The tabbed features comes with a lot of control for the user so that […]

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How to activate/deactivate Google+ Hangouts with Gmail Chat

How to Activate/Deactivate the Google+ hangouts with Gmail Chat – will show you how to enable or disable the Google+ hangouts with the chat present in the left side of new Gmail. Google+ hangouts will replace the classic chat option on the Gmail as it has some more features than the old one. But at […]

Google Mail

How to enable or disable Chat on Gmail

How to Enable/Disable Chat on Gmail – will show you how to activate or deactivate the Google chat present on the left side of New Gmail. The chat allows you to stay connected with the friends associated with your Google Accounts. When you will turn on the Chat then it will appear on the left […]

Yahoo Mail!

Yahoo Mail! Keyboard Shortcuts Working Hotkeys

Yahoo Mail! Keyboard Shortcuts – shows a list of keys or the combination of hot keys that can be used as shortcuts on Yahoo Mail!. The shortcuts help us to use yahoo mail easily and effectively and save our working time.The keyboard shortcuts are working well on the new interface of Yahoo Mail. The below […]


Delete Messages from Facebook Chat Conversation and Inbox

The article will show you why people join Facebook Chat. Why they choose to delete a message from Facebook Chat and Conversation and the process on how to delete a message from Inbox of Facebook. You can delete the selected message as well as entire conversation. Facebook is the best online social networking Community where […]


Create a Fan Page and a Group in Facebook

The article describes the need of Facebook Fan page and group and the process to create a group and a fan page on Facebook. Facebook is an online social networking platform that connects people over the world. It is also used as a discussion group or an online advertising medium to build the audience. People […]


Difference between group and pages in Facebook

Before going through the difference between Facebook Page and Facebook Group first we need to know about pages and groups on Facebook. First of all we need to know why we create a group or page on Facebook. What is Facebook Facebook is a most affected social networking site on the Internet. It is able […]