Yahoo Mail! Keyboard Shortcuts Working Hotkeys

May 1, 2013

Yahoo Mail! Keyboard Shortcuts – shows a list of keys or the combination of hot keys that can be used as shortcuts on Yahoo Mail!. The shortcuts help us to use yahoo mail easily and effectively and save our working time.The keyboard shortcuts are working well on the new interface of Yahoo Mail. The below keys are working well on Windows PC. For mac users press Cmd instead of Ctrl.

Keyboard Shortcuts Action of that Keyboard Shortcuts
General Commands on Yahoo Mail!
M Check Mail Update and Move you to inbox, if you are not already there
Shift + M Check All Mail (Include Pop Accounts)
N Start or Compose a New Message (Mail)
I Start a new Instant Message (IM)
Ctrl + [ Move to the Previous tab
Ctrl + ] Move to the next tab
Ctrl + or Esc Close the Current tab
S Search
F11 (Not For Safari Browser) Expand Windows to Maximum height (Full Screen)
? Display the Available Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts at the time of composing an Email
Shift + Tab Move Cursor to the formatting tools or attachment list (from Message field)
Left or Right Arrow Key Move Cursor to the Next or Previous Compose tab
Right arrow, then Enter Show Choose Contacts dialog box (from TO, CC, or BCC field)
Right arrow, right arrow, then Enter Show BCC field (from CC field)
Ctrl+Shift+Y Toogle Between Plain Text and Rich Text mode
Ctrl + S Save as Draft
Ctrl + Enter Send the Message
Shortcut Keys at the time of Working with the Messages
R Reply to a Message
A Reply all to a Message
F Forward a Message
K Mark as Read
Shift + K Mark as Unread
L Star a Message
Shift + L Remove Star
Ctrl + F Find a Word or Phrase in the Message
Ctrl + P Print a Message
Delete Delete a Message
Shift + A Add Sender to Contacts
D Open Move Menu
D + 1~9 Move Messages from current folder to one of your first 9 folder
Ctrl + Shift + E Create a New Folder
D then Ctrl + Shift + E Move Messages to a new folder
Ctrl + , (comma) View next message up
Ctrl + . (period) View next message down
Shortcut Keys at the time of Working with the Message List
Up and Down Arrow Highlight the next message up or down
Enter Open a message
Ctrl + A Select a Message
Click to check checkbox of first message, then shift-click on checkbox of last message Select all the Message in a range
V Turn the preview pane on or off
Working with Message Lists (when viewing messages page by page)
Spacebar Check or uncheck a message’s checkbox
Ctrl + Up or Down arrow Move cursor up or down the list (preserving selection)
Shortcuts For Keyboard Navigation and Selection
Tab or Shift + Tab Move cursor to next or previous region of the screen
Left and right arrow keys Move cursor to next or previous toolbar button
Up and down arrow keys Move cursor to next or previous item in list
Enter Select the item in focus
E Empty Trash or Spam folder (with mouse or cursor on folder)
Enter Expand or collapse folder list (with mouse or cursor at top of folder list)
C Rename a folder (with mouse or cursor on folder)

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