How to increase the facebook security to protect from Internet Hackers

January 28, 2013

Now a days Facebook is the most affected social networking sites. Facebook connects people over the world from their home. People share their information, personal data and the photos among friends. So it is the best place to know about someone. People may misuse your personal information and photos collecting from here.So it is better to secure your personal information, data and the photos that are shared on Facebook. A Hacker will only able to hack your personal data if you are doing some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Without that no one is able to hack your account.

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Some process are describedbelow to make your face-bookaccount safe from the Hackers.

1. Enable SSL Secure Browsing

You must enable the secure browsing for your facebookaccount. When your account is in Secure browsing then you will able to see aSSl certificate notification and HTTPS (instead of HTTP) on your browser address bar. You can enable it by going to “security” tab of your “account setting” ( Click on “Edit” on the “Secure Browsing” at the right side pane and enable it.

2. Fake face-bookfishingpage

Fishing page arethose pagewhich lookssimilar to the face-bookoriginal page created by the hackers to hack your account. But the address of that page is different from original face bookpage (htps:// So whenever you are trying to log in to Facebook then type on your browser address bar to get secure from from fishingattack.

3. Use a strong Password

Always try to use a strong password a combination of upper case and lower case letter, number and the special characters. Never use a password that contains a dictionary letter, your phone number, name , date of birth or any personname like mom , dad etc. Never use common words as passwords like 12345 , qwertetc. Passwordmust be changed periodically for better security.

4. Don’t share your Passwords with anyone

Never share your passwords with anyone. Never try to save your passwords inyour mobile message, contacts or inyour PC. May be someone using your PC or mobile may get it and misuse that. Always try to remember your password.

5. Use OSK on Cyber cafe or in others PC

Always avoid to use face-bookin Cyber cafe or in others PC. As they may use various tracking application to track your ID and Password. If it is very necessary to do that there then try to use On-Screen-Keyboard.

6. Connect Mobile number with Facebook

Connect your mobile number with your face-bookaccount. So that it will easy to recover forgotten password and give high security. You can add a mobile number by clicking on “Add a phone” on the “Mobile” tab of Account Setting ( After adding phone numberyou need to verify that number by following the verification process.

7. Connect Multiple Email ID with your Facebook Account

If you join multiple email ID with your face-bookaccount then it will be in high security. To add multiple Emails just Click on “Edit” on “Email” in the “General” tab of “Account setting” add multiple Emails.

8. Never use applications that wantspassword verification

Some applications are created in such a way that they collectsyour personal information and harms you. So always try to avoid those applications that wantspassword verification.

9. Enable “Recognized device” option

Always try to enable the recognize device option, So that when everyou are logged in to some onePC or Some onetry to log in to your account then you will get a notification about the same. You caneenable it by going to “Recognized Device” on “Security” tab of “Account Setting“.

10.Enable “Log-in Notification”

If you are enabling the “Log-in Notification” then you will get a notice after log in to your Facebook Account. So if you got hacked then you will get the notice on your mobile by enabling the Forward notification(as described in step 11). To activate “Log-In Notification” go to the “Security” tab of Account setting and enable it.

11. Forward Facebook notifications to Email ID and Mobile

Use Notification forwarding option to Mobile and also to Email ID. So that you will get notified after some onetried to log-in to your account. To activate just Go to “Notification” tab in the “Account Setting” and Enable then on the right side pane.

12. Give Privacy to your Shared Document

Whenever you are sharing something (Photo or any personal information) then give privacy of it among your friends so that unknown people will not able to check that. Many people may be misuseyour personal documents.

13. Avoid anonymous friend

Don’t try to make friends whom you don’t know. Many people try to cheat others by making friends through Facebook.

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