Reason of joining and deleting Account from Facebook

February 28, 2013

The article shows some basic principle of Facebook that attract people to join Facebook to reach their goals and reasons that results deactivation  of Facebook Account. Each people join Facebook or delete their account from Facebook due to several reasons. It will describe what people are thinking before joining or choose Facebook and what lead them to leave Facebook.

What is Facebook

FACEBOOK is an online service that creates a Social Network among people over the world. People join with each other from their home and share their interests, Activities, Photos with their friends or other people. It is able to create a network among the people whom you don’t know and share thoughts among each other.

Why people choose to Join Facebook

Each category people join Facebook (or other social networks) by thinking something different. For Example
Students: Students join Facebook to communicate with their class mates after the end of class and create relationship with other people of the same age and share their interest among each other. To distribute a notice it is the best medium. Students choose it as a best way for time pass and relaxation of their mind after a heavy work load. Various Facebook pages provides study related discussion that helps students in their study. Students join various Facebook pages and groups for jokes, sayari, quotation and cartoon pictures.

General People: General people join Facebook only for time pass by adding friends , communicate (i.e chatting) with them and share various jokes, sayari etc. Communicate thoughts between friends also helps to get a partner or a best friend in their life for general people.

Business Men: Business men or entrepreneur join the social networking websites to publicize their business. They build the audience for their business from here. They choose Facebook as an advertising Media. Facebook easily share updates, major change in company policy etc… Facebook is the best way to declare a new thing from their Business.

Professional People: Professional people join Facebook to build a relationship with the people on the same profession. So that they will discuss on different topic on their profession and increase their knowledge and get a better solution for the problems they are facing.

Bloggers and Website Owner: People who choose blogging as profession join face-book for the publicity and build audience for their blog from the Facebook. Sharing one article from their blog on Facebook reaches to different people over the world within a second. Bloggers and website owner uses Facebook as an advertising media to share their updates and the service provided by them.

Why People choose to deactivate their account from Facebook

1. People find Facebook is useless and it has no use in their life.
2. Facebook may wastes your so much time so you are unable to give time for your other works.
3. Facebook may divert your mind so you are unable to do your works perfectly.
4. At the exam time you need to concentrate on your study, so you want to deactivate it.
5. You just want to break your relationship or friendship with your old friends due to various reason.
6. You may not satisfied with the Facebook and its privacy.

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