How to Like or Unlike a Facebook page

March 4, 2013

The article contains a small description on Why people like a Facebook page. What is the reason behind joining a Facebook page and how to remove themselves from the page. Before going to details we need to know about the Facebook page and its benefits and what will happen if we like or unlike that page etc.

What is a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are very similar to the general Facebook profile. But Facebook pages are only for business, organizations and brands where they share their stories and creates an public presence to connect with people. Like our Facebook profile we can customize it by adding different application and providing different security level. If someone like a Facebook page then he will get all the updates from the page on his profile News Feed. It is like subscribe option. If he unlike that page then he will no longer get these updates. By default A Facebook page is visible to everyone (i.e. Public).

To become an owner of Facebook page you need to create an Facebook page from your Facebook profile. Later you can add or remove the Administrator for that page. Administrator of the Facebook page controls and get reports of all the activities that are done on the page.

How to Like a Facebook Page

1. First you need to log in to your Facebook Account using your Email/UserName and password.
2. Then go to the page whose regular updates you want to receive on your Profile News Feed.
E.g. If you want to receive updates from Mercenie Facebook page then open the Mercenie page Facebook link
3. You will get an “Like” option right to the profile picture of page below the Cover photo.
4. Just Click on there.
5. You will see that the “Like” option is changed to “Liked”.
6. This means you have like that page and all the updates from that page will be shown on your Facebook Page.

How to unlike a Facebook Page

1. Go to the page whose updates you don’t want to receive on your news feed.
2. Click on the “Liked” option below the cover photo.
3. Then choose “Unlike” from the drop down Menu.
4. Now you have successfully unsubscribed from that page and the updates from this page will be not shown on your news feed

How to not see updates on News Feed after like a page

If you want to like a page but not interested in showing its updates on your news feed. Then that is also possible. The updates from your liked page will not shown on your news feed. It will shown on the “Liked Page” tabs placed on the left side bar on Facebook home page after log-in.
1. First Like a page.
2. Move your mouse cursor to the “Liked” option below the cover Photo.
3. You will get an option “Show in News Feed” on the drop down menu.
4. Just Unchecked that option if you don’t want to receive updates on news feed.
5. You will get all the updates on the “Liked Page” tabs of the left pane on Facebook Homepage after log-in.
6. That is it.

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