How to delete a facebook Group

March 6, 2013

The article will describe about a Facebook Group. What are the benefits of joining group on Facebook and how to remove yourself from that group. A Facebook group can be deleted only by the Admin, Other member can only join or leave that group. Only the first admin can delete a group but other admin can only remove or add group members unless the first admin remove the restrictions.

What is a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are very similar to general groups but an online platform where group members share their ideas, thoughts and many more things between each other. The benefits of joining group is that the people (group members) get the best solution for their problem after the discussion with the group members. For a private group, Admin must approve you to join that group but for public group anyone can join that at any time. A group member can leave the Facebook Group at any time. Except admin of that Facebook group no one is able to remove you. Admin of Facebook group can remove or block anyone at any time.

How to delete a Facebook Group

Only the First admin can delete a Facebook Group. A group may have more than one admin but they can not delete that group. If the First admin leaves that group (reason does not matter) then other admin member may delete that group.

Deleting a Facebook group is not easy. Admin of a Facebook Group first needs to remove all the group members then only he can delete that group. After removing all the group member when the First Admin will try to leave that group then he will get an option (As a Warning Message) that “Are you sure want to leave this group? Since you are the last member of that group so leaving now will also delete the group‘. If the Admin remove himself from that group then that group will be deleted from Facebook.

If the First admin leaves the group but there are still some members. After all the members leaves the group that group will be an empty group, No member are available on that group. In that case Facebook will delete that group automatically. But he will ask the last member of the group whether he want to delete the group or not. If he chooses to delete the group then that group will be deleted at that time. But if he choose not to delete that then Facebook will wait for some days to check whether others are joining that group or Not. If people joins that group then the group will be active otherwise that will be deleted by Facebook automatically.

How an admin can remove a member from the Group in Facebook

1. Log in to Facebook using your Email ID and password and go to the Facebook Group.(let you are the admin on that group)
2. Now navigate to “About” tab on that group.
3. List of all the group member will be there.
4. Now choose the Group member whom you want to remove from the Facebook Group.
5. You will get an setting Icon on that Group member. Click on there.
6. Choose “Remove From Group” from the drop down menu.
7. It will ask for the Confirmation of removing him. Just click on “Confirm” and you will get that member is removed.
Note: You can also ban that member permanently for joining that Group. If you want to do so then before Confirming just checked in “Ban Permanently” on the Confirmation Message. That group member will not able to join that group in future.

How to add a member as Admin for the Facebook Group

If you are an admin on a Facebook group and you want to add a group member as admin for that group then you just choose “Make admin” on the drop down menu on step-6 and complete the upcoming confirmation. That is it.

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    You all know Facebook sucks! It’s all about stalking, violating others privacy, banning and reporting people, falsely accusing them of lots of bullshit.

    So you created a FascistFacebook loony bin and you decided to erase it so there will be peace on your mind and on the cyber space.

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