Latest Facebook Keyboard shortcuts Working Hotkeys

January 28, 2013

Facebook uses the combination of keys for their shortcuts. Out of which first set of key depends on the type Of operating System and the browser.

For Windows Operating System:
Google Chrome Alt
Mozila Firefox Alt + shift
Internet Explorer Alt

Firefox Function + Ctrl
All other Option + Ctrl

Shortcuts Functions
M Open a new message *
? Go to the Facebook Search
1 Home (News Feed)
2 Your profile page
3 Friend requests
4 Messages
5 Notifications
6 Your Account Settings
7 Your Privacy Settings
8 Go to the Facebook page
9 View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement
0 Open Facebook help center


All the shortcut keys works on the numbers that are placed on the top of the keyboard. Not from the number pad. If you are using Google Chrome (In Windows OS) then You have to press the Alt key and a number from shortcut simultaneously to use the shortcuts. Similarly for other browser with the operating system use their respective combo key.

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Shortcut Keys on Facebook Chat Window

These keyboard shortcuts or Hotkeys does not require any combo key.
Esc – Closes the current chat window
Shift + Down Arrow key – Hides the current chat window if no text is entered
Tab – Jumps to Next Chat Window. Navigate between chat windows.
Shift + TAb – Jumps to previous chat Window

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