Activate Graph Search on Facebook

February 25, 2013

Facebook introduces a new search engine named “Facebook Graph Search” to search various things within Facebook.

What is face book Graph Search

Facebook graph search is an search engine by “Facebook” Social Network which supports the general search terms and works within face-book. It supports the search between Public posts, People, Pages, Events, Applications, Groups, places, Check-ins of the user, friends, or where user or friends have been tagged.

How to activate Graph Seraph on Facebook

1. As Facebook Graph Search is on Beta version So first we need to join its waiting list then after approval we will able to use Facebook Graph Search.
2. Go to
3. Scroll down the horizontal scroll bar till last.
4. Click on “Try Graph Search” and join the Waiting List of Facebook Graph Search.
5. Now wait till the Waiting period completed. Once Waiting period finishes You will get a notification on Facebook home page after log-in to enable the graph search.
6. Now click on “Turn on Graph Search” on the notification.
7. Wait for two minute and Graph search is ready for your Account.
Note: Facebook does not support graph search on Mobile.

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