Difference between group and pages in Facebook

March 15, 2013

Before going through the difference between Facebook Page and Facebook Group first we need to know about pages and groups on Facebook. First of all we need to know why we create a group or page on Facebook.

What is Facebook

Facebook is a most affected social networking site on the Internet. It is able to connect the people over the world from their home through the Internet. It creates various types of relationship among people over the world. On Facebook people share their thoughts, activity, photos among their friends. It joins people those are far away from each other. It also helps to create a business relationship, advertise a business and make customers. We can discuss on various topics in Facebook and solve our problem also. To do these types of work people creates pages or group. Each has their own benefit. To complete different needs people join a Facebook Group or Like a Facebook Page.

What is a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are only for celebrities, Brands and Business Organization where they share their story, post update and create an audience for them. It is very similar to a friend’s profile.

What is a Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are very similar to General groups but an online platform where people (group members) share their thoughts, discuss on different topic and the problem and solve it. By discussing they can also gain knowledge on the same.

What is the difference between a Facebook Page and group

Like a General Facebook profile Facebook pages create a public figure for the business organization. But Facebook groups connect people with similar thought or interest with each other.

Facebook Pages are only for the celebrities, Brands, Business Individuals. But Facebook Group is for everyone who are connecting with people on a common cause.

Facebook Pages are created to share the business and success stories of their company among the people. They use the Facebook Page as an Advertising Media and build an audience for it. But the Groups are created (or people join a certain group) to discuss on a certain topic with group members and solve their various problems.

Various Companies use their Facebook page officially to share their notes and use their group officially to discuss about the different project.

The security of Facebook Pages and group is controlled by the Admin of a page or group. He can make it as a public group or a private group.

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