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March 5, 2013

The article shows a brief idea about Facebook group, its merits and demerits, different policies and how can someone join or remove himself from the group. it also describes the importance of Facebook group.

What is a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are very similar to general groups but an online platform where group members share their ideas, thoughts and many more things between each other. In a Facebook group everyone has the rights to share their thinking freely. Facebook group may be a public group or a private group.
Public Group: Anyone on Facebook can join this group freely. There is no restriction among the group members.
Private Group: Anyone can ask to join the group but the group administrator needs to verify and add him to group. Administrator sets a list of restriction for the Private Group.

Why people need to join a Facebook Group

People join a Facebook group to share their feelings among group members. They discuss on various topic to solve each others problem on the Facebook Group. Some peoples create their group to describe a notice of their institute or Organization among the group members. It is a best place to discuss with people of different place from their home and get the solution of their problem.

How to join a Facebook Group

1. Log in to Facebook using your Email ID and password.
2. Navigate to the Group where you want to join. (You can search the group on Facebook or by directly typing the URL of Facebook group on the address bar)
3. You will get “Join group” option below the Group photo at the right side.
4. Click on “Join group”. or a friend who is on that group can add you also.
5. If that is a public group then you will be selected as a member on that group otherwise if that is a private group then the group administrator need to verify you. After his verification you will be selected as the group member.
6. That is it.

How to leave a Facebook Group

Joining of Facebook may requires verification but anyone can remove himself (leave) from a group at any time.
1. Go to the Facebook group after log in.
2. Click on the setting icon below the Group photo.
3. Choose “Leave Group” from the drop down menu.
4. It will ask again for the confirmation of leaving group. Just click on “Leave Group”.
5. There is also an option “Prevent other members of this group from reading you”. If you check the option then other people will not able to add you again.
6. That is it.

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