Delete a facebook Account permanently

February 27, 2013

How to delete a Facebook Account permanently

How to delete a Facebook Account permanently –  will show you how can we disable or delete or deactivate the Facebook Account and After that whenever we requires to use it then Activate it. It means that we will disable our Facebook account temporarily.When you deactivate your face book Account it will temporarily removed from facebook. No one will able to check you, your photo and also your status update. You will totally invisible from face book. Your account will be totally deleted for others. After you activate it, people will able to check you and all your status update.

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How to deactivate a Facebook Account

1. Log-in to your face book account using your Email/Username and password.
2. Open Facebook “Account Setting”. (Choose “Account Setting” from the drop down menu of top right corner of face book setting Icon.)
3. Navigate to “Security tab” (Go to
4. Choose “Deactivate your account” from the right side pane.
5. Now it will ask for the reason of deactivating the Facebook account. Just fill the check boxes and click on “Confirm”.
6. It will ask for the Facebook Password to verify your account.
7. Enter the password and click on “Deactivate Now“.
8. That is it. Now your Facebook Account is temporarily deactivated.

How to again activate the face book Account

To activate your deleted account again just Log-in to your face book Account using your username or Email and password. After log in you will be activated and live to Facebook. Your face-book friends will able to find you and check your updates.

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Why we choose to deactivate a Facebook Account

We wish to deactivate the Facebook Account due to various reasons like:
1. You find Facebook is useless and it has no use in your life.
2. Facebook may wastes your so much time so you are unable to give time for your other works.
3. Facebook may divert your mind so you are unable to do your works perfectly.
4. At the exam time you need to concentrate on your study, so you want to deactivate it.
5. You just want to break your relationship or friendship with your old friends due to various reason.
6. You may not satisfied with the Facebook and its privacy.

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