Create a User name for your Facebook Account

February 26, 2013

What is a User Name and what is the use of it

Facebook Username is a unique name for your Account. You can do various operations by the user name. It is unique for each individuals. A Facebook user name once set will neither be changed nor be removed. But we can customize the user name for a Facebook page and the group. The user name of face book page and group can be changed only once. The benefits of setting user name are as

1. You can set a custom URL for your account like USER NAME
2. You will get a personal email ID for your Facebook account like
3. You can log-in to face-book with YOUR USER NAME (in place of email) and password.
4. It will be easy for your friend to find you by typing USER NAME on the address bar.

How to set a User Name for Facebook Account

1. Log-in to your Face book account using your Email ID and password.
2. On the Address bar type
3. It will ask you to verify your account by a Mobile Phone (If mobile is already verified then go to step 8). Click On “Continue“.
4. Mobile verification page will be open. Choose your country code put your mobile number there. Click On “Continue”.
5. A verification Code will send to your Mobile Number. Just Enter that code on the “Enter your Confirmation Code” page. Click on “Confirm
7. Confirmation Page will be open with the Confirmation message. Click on “Save setting“.
8. Now you choose your desired face-book user name from Facebook suggestion or create your own.
9. Click on “Check Availability“. If that user name is available then you will be asked to set that otherwise asked you to enter a new user name.
10. Confirm your user name. That is it.

Note: If face book has already set an user name for your face book account then you will be redirect directly to the face-book username confirmation after verifying the mobile number.

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Last Updated On: October 27th, 2013

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