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March 7, 2013

New Look Of Facebook News Feed

What is new in Latest Facebook News Feed

Facebook has announced a Newer Version of News feed on Facebook on March 2013. It was introduced by Facebook to reduce the clutter. It focus on the stories of the friends whom we care most. Facebook new news feed is full of colors (beauty) that will bring life to the News feed. It will gives a better spotlight on friends activity. The news feed can be customized according to the user like what ever he want to check on his News Feed.It is fully compatible with PC, Mobile and Tablet. So wherever we like we can check the new look.

The look of the new news feed is very similar to any other News paper. It has separate sections for everything like Special sections for friends, photos, music and what the others are saying. It is just like a own personalized news paper. Like a news paper the news feed has a prominent front page with bold photo which is sub divided into different sections. The orders for All friends, most recent, close friends, music, photos, following (for Facebook Pages), and games an be change by drill down.

How to activate the New look of Facebook News Feed

To activate the latest news feed introduced by Facebook on March complete the below steps
1. Open Facebook (
2. Log in To Facebook Using your Email ID and Password (You can also log in using your USER ID or mobile number)
3. After log in Open the Facebook News feed Activation URL i.e. Go to
4. After opening the page Scroll down the horizontal scroll bar and go till the last of the page.
5. Now click on “Join Waiting List“.
As Facebook Introduced the News feed as beta version so you have to first join the waiting list to check the new look of Facebook.
6. Now you are on the Waiting List of New look of Facebook.
7. Once the waiting list completes you will get an notification on the Facebook Home page to use it.
8. That is it.

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Last Updated On: October 27th, 2013


  1. Abi marcel says:

    it works for me

  2. bat po ayaw gumana yung sinabe nyo

  3. i’m from the begginning on the waiting list … what should i do

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